True Parents Serenade

Imagine, this is our Beloved True Parents, singing their songs to us. If we close our eyes while listening to this song, we can be taken in by their waves of love to resemble our creator.
Testimonies About this track: “Your new single “True Parents Serenade” is the “real deal” (lol). There’s no lyrics to it yet (I guess), but the instrumental version is amazingly beautiful. Can’t wait for you to lay the lyrics to that track.” –RDN

“Wow! All we need now is a modern dance choreographer to hear it and go to work on a video. What a serenade! It’s beautiful.” –Cleo King

“Your body of work should be at every family church in the world. I can speak truth. You music is anointed and a universal balm to the soul. I will help however I can, by playing and promoting it. I already shared it with a dear friend. It sets the stage for worship. Thank you again for the gift.
It is stunningly beautiful. I did just as you suggested. I closed my eyes and traveled the universe in beautiful spirit of true parents. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your on-time gift. We have much work to do. I believe in my soul that Father wants us to believe in the messenger’s anointing as the bearer of His message of love, peace and blessed families. Blessings to you my dear sister and to your life mate.” –Senator Steen Miles

Dear Elma! I already forwarded it to others. You are great John the Baptist. Keep it up and see what God has in store for you. He will use you for greater and greater things, if you just keep going, being creative and passionate.
Elma you are really making a big difference based on your creativity and passion
Bruno Klotz

“After listening to True Parents Serenade: “I could see blue sky, emerald green & blue ocean and like, a tropical Island.
But not this world, is this in spiritual world?
I don’t know how to say but you went to different level of spiritually…
Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful music. –Megumi