Testimonies About Elma King Music CD

Testimony of Bruno Klotz

Dear Elma! I already forwarded it to others. You are great John the Baptist. Keep it up and see what God has in store for you. He will use you for greater and greater things, if you just keep going, being creative and passionate. Elma you are really making a big difference based on your creativity and passion

Testimony of Megumi

“After listening to True Parents Serenade: “I could see blue sky, emerald green & blue ocean and like, a tropical Island. But not this world, is this in spiritual world? I don’t know how to say but you went to different level of spiritually… Thank you very much for sharing this beautiful music.

Testimony of Senator Steen Miles

“Your body of work should be at every family church in the world. I can speak truth. You music is anointed and a universal balm to the soul. I will help however I can, by playing and promoting it. I already shared it with a dear friend. It sets the stage for worship. Thank you again for the gift. It is stunningly beautiful. I did just as you suggested. I closed my eyes and traveled the universe in beautiful spirit of true parents. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your on-time gift. We have much work to do. I believe in my soul that Father wants us to believe in the messenger’s anointing as the bearer of His message of love, peace and blessed families. Blessings to you my dear sister and to your life mate.”

Testimony of Cleo King

“Wow! All we need now is a modern dance choreographer to hear it and go to work on a video. What a serenade! It’s beautiful.”

Testimony of RDN

“True Parents Serenade” is the “real deal” (lol). There’s no lyrics to it yet (I guess), but the instrumental version is amazingly beautiful. Can’t wait for you to lay the lyrics to that track.”

Words from the artist:
My dearest Brothers and Sisters: Thanks so much for all of your cards, letters, e-mails and phones calls.I would have to write a book in order to address all of your feedback on God’s Blessings and Now is the Time Music Albums. I have heard you say that the CD is the only one that you’ve playing during your time of devotion. I have heard you say that you must have played the Holy Wine Blessing over 50times! I have heard you say that you put replay on the CD, and just let it play over and over again. I don’t have to tell you that this is God displaying His mighty works. To Him I give ALL THE GLORY— L-ma King

Testimony of Senator Steen Miles ( Georgia)

Thanks so very much for sharing your awesome CD. It is the most genuinely spirit-filled anointed music that Ihave heard in some time. It is soothing to the soul.—straight from the THRONEROOM!! You have sung your song to Him. I pray God’s continue blessing on your life and ministry.


Testimony of Patricia Steffen, (Vermont)

How beautiful! How grateful I am to receive your CD. I cried for an hourall the way through it. The songs are simple, but so deep. After all these years I am beginning to understand more clearly what the church meant by bringing all of Christianity together in the body of Christ. Now I can see the principal in a different light. I think that you are simply amazing. I can see you on an international level. You are a powerful woman!!! Please keep going, and don’t give up.

Testimony of Connie Macleod,Guitarist (Florida)

What a joy to celebrate the gift that God has given you! I am glad that the album is doing well, and that you continue to write what God puts on your heart. That’s important…. Keep writing! Love and hugs!

Testimony of RN Barbara Day ( New York)

I got your CD, and it is awesome. I can’t believe it. I am so happy for you. I guess I will see you on American Idol. I sit in my room, and look out the window and let your music just take me away. This CD is so soothing, I can’t stop playing it. How do I get more copies for my family and friends? You have done something that will make a lasting impression. It’s like a “Gospel Lullaby”.

Testimony of Key Board Player, Daniel Davila (Florida)

The CD sounds nice. I like the production work on it. Nice bass,synthesizer work, etc. Congratulations!!

Testimony of RN Gail Layton ( Alabama)

I so appreciate the CD! It is absolutely wonderful, and I received such a blessing from listening to you witness in song. I so need to be lifted up, and I tell you the truth, I love all the songs. They were so beautiful. Put me down for your next CD.L-ma I am so proud of you and your ministry. I know that it is fulfilling, and that you are a God-called Minister. God speaks to others through your music and Ministry. Thanks be to God. You are so dear, and precious to me.

Testimony of Love your sister, Robin Bridges (Mississippi)

Hey, I got your CD. Beautiful job. I am very proud of you. Look forward to singing with you someday. Keep up the good work.

Testimony of Love, RN. Ida Swift (Alabama)

Your CD is beautiful. I play it over and over. Keep up the good work.

Testimony of RN Maggie Payne (New York)

Your music captivates my heart. Oh the music! Oh the music!! The singing was out of this world! I played the CD over, and over. I like all the songs. I played it in the hospital where I am a volunteer. You should see the hands and feet!! They all love it!….. When I first heard the music it was so beautiful that it put me on my knees…. I told everyone that I know you; we used to work together at the hospital, but I never knew that you could sing.

Testimony of Calvin and Gloria Readus ( Real Estate Manger,(Alabama)

I really didn’t say anything when I heard that you were making a CD, because I really didn’t believe that you could sing. I’ve got one word “Bad”. Your CD is bad. I am so proud of you. My brother-in –law never pays attention to anything, but the other day he was in the bedroom, not only playing the CD, but singing the songs as well.

Testimony of Patrice Lewis, friend, (Alabama)

When you buy a CD, there is usually one or two songs that you like on the CD, but All of these are GREAT!!!

Testimony of Your sister RN Janie Stewart ( Mississippi)

I am forwarding this CD back to you. I had told Nora to send it to me before I thought it through. It is not to hurt you, or to make you feel bad it’s a spiritual decision…. A stranger said something to change my mind about accepting it.

Testimony of Friend, Louise Rodger (Alabama)

Thanks for the CD I love it, and I have it in my car.

Testimony of Eman Khamis

I listen to the CD. It’s powerful spiritually. You look good, and you have a true spirit. Keep up the good work. Your friend forever.

Testimony of RN Hortense Thompson (NEW York)

Thanks for the CD. Continue to do the work that God has inspired you and your husband to do.

Testimony of Patricia Davis, ER Supervisor(Alabama)

Your feel good songs gives me hope.

Testimony of LPN Girlene Borum (South Carolina)

I am so glad to be a part of this from the beginning . One word “MILLIONAIRE”. God will bless you so that you can keep being blessing to others. I just love all the songs, but the Holy Wine Blessing is my favorite. You are beginning to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Your voice is sublime and clear to get His message across. I remember when you sang a couple of songs that you had written over the phone. I said then, that you are a winner. These songs are a WOW!!

Testimony of Bishop Jesse Harris, Host of:Soundsofexcellence.net, Publisher, Photography Director, Walking Ministry,Owner of Gospel News Magazine, ( Tuskegee Institute, AL.)

In the last ten years, there has been very few CD’s that have inspired me, and this is one of them.

Testimony of Sindy Lee, background singer on God’s Blessing; Songs for the Now. (Florida)

This CD is going places, and I am looking so forward to the new surprises ahead of us. Together withGod, we can make it. So let go, and let God.

Testimony of Elnora Battle, Supervisor for DentalAssistances, Georgia. (Friends from first grade)

You are a wonderful human being! I thank God for you and your spirit of dedication. My your CD open the hearts of many. I have always known that you could sing, but I have never felt the surge of power that I felt untilI listen to the Holy Wine Blessing!!!

Testimony of K Warwick Gilbert, Az Karen Warwick

Minister L-Ma King’s music is definitely anointed! It’s no wonder since she is a Centered Blessed Family….just listened to her cd Now Is The Time for days….blaring it…it is a powerful tool in sharing our Heavenly Father’s heart and hopes for all of us brothers and sisters. Thank you so much for the plain truth….this troubled world needs it desperately!

Now is the time music tells you what God is saying RIGHT NOW to the world. The songs tell you about God’s GLOBAL FAMILY. We can learn where the Kingdom is, and how we can start to become perfect by dying to ourselves and living for the sake of others. The songs awaken us to be aware of our Spiritual self; our five spiritual senses that we may not have tapped into yet. Once our spiritual eyes are open, we can see that He’s already here, and what we need to receive from Him right now!! In every sense of the word, these songs are food for the soul. Search for Him, while there is yet still time to do so. This is my humble prayer. Minister L-Ma King




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  1. Aunt Elma, I decided to post a comment to your page. Your music is inspiring and very encouraging. I pray that you continue your spiritual journey. Your work is uplifting and I’ve seen some of your photos and read testimonies of your outreach. It also appears that your music is very uplifting to others. Good luck with the new album, and I pray that you be strong in all that you do. God Bless You!
    Your nephew,
    Rufus Davison

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