About Elma King


ACLC: Worked with ACLC for 3-1/2 years, by giving prayer Breakfasts and workshops once a month, Newsletters:  Started  Nov. 13,2008, sending out Newsletters to 150 to 200 people each month over the last four years teaching friends and family about True Parents and the Divine Principle. A 21 day three hour workshop is now being held at our Center, where we learn and teach the Divine Principle. An OSDP  all day Workshop is scheduled on November 10,2012.


Written over 23 songs, and released two albums (2009/2011). Many  songs, singing about True Parents: her songs have made #1 and #2 on the Top 20’s list, such as  The Holy Wine Blessing, Holy Holy Holy, Don’t Miss Him This Time And others. Music is played on the world –wide Radio. She’s is the founder and owner of “ Kingdome Records”. Known to many as the “ Singing John the Baptist” as she  BOLDLY sing her songs with big posters of True Parents.


 Written many articles in the Gospel News in Tuskegee, Alabama- Sharing the “BREAKING NEWS of True Parents: August 2010, May/June 2011, January/ February 2012, and coming in the Nov./Dec.2012  issue- article “ The Bridegroom Has Com”. Featured on  the front cover three times to 50,000 readers.  In December/January 2011 an 2012 issue of Gospel USA in Miami, Fl. This magazine is distributed out to 150,000 viewers. She was also featured on the cover, and shared the Breaking News of our True Parents.


   Founded “The Light of Truth” January 7,2011. True Father’s words are read  on  the 1st and 2nd Sunday each month on The raymanningsingers.com – a world-wide Internet radio Station. Founded “ Now  is the Time”  on February 22,2011,where she share the “ BREAKING NEWS” about the second coming of our lord on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month on this radio Station. Founded “The Kingdom Comes, April 27, 2011. The Divine Principle is taught on the same radio station every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month on this world-wide Station. Founded “Walk This Way” May 6, 2012 where the Bible –Keys  scriptures that leads the world to True Parents is heard every 5th Sunday of each month on the same radio station.

A new Foundation

    A trip to Cap Haitian as a missionary for our Tribal Messiah with Mrs. Evelyne  Drake, Chairperson of WFWP was a Turning Point in Minister King’s life.   She and her husband bought land in Haiti. June 15, 2012 she  Founded , and  became president of the “TP of TF Center”, Telling Plainly of the Father in  Limonade, Haiti. This is a vision for the restoration of the people in Haiti. We will work with our new Team Haiti, and teach Divine Principle, Character Education, and bless many with the Holy Wine. She now works with Team Haiti as the “TP of TF Center” gets on the way.


Founder of Roadside Blessing in 2007- Created True Parents T-shirts  August 24, 2011. Created Bumper Stickers for the Second Coming of our Lord , July 29,2011. Created the Jesus’ prayer  banner  “Make us ONE” on December 5, 2008. Jesus Prayed for the Father to make us one, as He and the Father is one.

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